Client Results


Personal experiences of clients who have worked with Drink In Nature Photography


"Drink In Nature Photographer, Elaine has done a wonderful job putting the Sin Banderas label in touch with nature. Here in the Northwest people really appreciate the connection with the land and the water. We're fortunate to showcase our wine through her photography. We recommend her for high quality work."  

Sin Banderas Winery

"Elaine's photographs of our bottle were absolutely spectacular.  The quality and the evocativeness make them really stand out -- they capture a feeling of being right there in nature, and the technical quality is superb.  We will be using these images for our Brand many times!  They really are truly gorgeous." 

Peony Vodka

 "Elanie was amazing to work with and she captured amazing photos of our wine. The locations that she picked made the wine stand out. I was extremely happy with the results. They are absolutely beautiful!"  

Chateau Bianca Winery

 “We were so excited when Drink in Nature Photography reached out to Azuñia Tequila to discuss photographing our estate-crafted tequila. The quality of the photos exceeded our expectations. She has a a fantastic eye and uses the light and natural surroundings to bring out the beauty in our tequila. We are proud to showcase her photos on our social channels and have received so many compliments on her work. Elaine, thank you for so exquisitely capturing our tequila.” 

Azuñia Tequila

We had a great experience with having our wines pictures taken by Drink In Nature Photography. Elaine is very professional, always responsive, and the pictures she takes are simply marvelous. What differentiates Elaine’s work from other photographers is that all her shots are original and unique, we know our pictures will have no ones similar ever. It is as if her imagination is limitless on where and how she will display a product. We were very pleased with the quality of her pictures, and the amount of all the different shots she took of our wine. We already received an incredibly positive feedback on our social media due to Drink In Nature Photography’s pictures, and magazines asking to use her pictures for our wines. 

Thank you Elaine for your outstanding work!

Lexème Wines