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Outdoor Brand Photography

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I'm Elaine, a Commercial photographer based in the stunning state of Washington. I was born and grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have always had an incredible appreciation for the beautiful settings that can be found in Nature.  

As a special niche to my Photography, I work with companies to highlight their products and Brands in Nature. My work uses the natural beauty of the outdoors to showcase the adventurous spirit of products. The result is a unique capturing of the Brand, which provides the consumer an inviting image of an irresistible outdoor lifestyle.


Capturing Seasons and Celebrating Nature

Natural settings provide amazing, ever changing backdrops.  Using these changes allows your products to stand alone, uniquely capturing the essence of your creations.  The locations I choose may be a warm riverside perfect for a picnic, or glacial runoff surrounded by snow and ice to create an amazing photo shoot setting.  My use of the cycle of the seasons allows your products to connect with people who will enjoy your creations throughout the year, seeing your Brand in a new and exciting way.


Indoor Photography

I strive to feature products in unique ways that focus on the Brand, allowing consumers to feel they can enjoy your creations anywhere.


I'd like to speak with you so that I can better understand your vision regarding your Brand. Commercial Photography is a creative process, my work is a collaboration with you to create a unique and accurate representation of your Brand and Products.

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